Company Profile
The world's first fully automatic household soymilk machine was produced by Joyoung in 1994
In 1994, Joyoung achieved the milestone of creating the world's first ever fully automatic household soymilk machine. Today, Joyoung has become synonymous with soymilk machines, possessing 20 national exclusive patent in the soymilk machine manufacturing craft. In recent years, Joyoung continues to be prevalent in the technological innovation of the soy milk machine industry and continues to surpass and create new breakthrough innovations in soymilk producing crafts.  
In Singapore since 2021
In collaboration with Joyoung's trusted Southeast Asia business partner, SCI ECOMMERCE Pte. Ltd., Joyoung Singapore was launched in June 2021. Joyoung aims to provide Singaporeans with fashionable, high quality, and user-friendly products. Starting with the Joyoung Line Friends series, the company aspires to create a closely-bonded local community where all Joyoung customers are kept close to the brand and grow together as one Joyoung community. 
To date, Joyoung has patented 520 technologies!
As of 2021, Joyoung has under her possession, 520 technology patents, including 27 invention patents, 252 utility model patents and 241 aesthetic design patents. Morever, Joyoung added 230 claims of patent application and participated in more than 30 national industry standard formulations and revisions. Led by Joyoung in November 2009, the national soymilk machine standard accreditation was established, achieving a huge milestone in the development of the soymilk making industry. Henceforth, the soymilk machine revolution placed an end to the previously irregulated soymilk industry. 
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